My Office through September 2008

Click and Drag to look around. Shift/Control to zoom in/out.

The plugin won't play the Deep Version that has four times the detail. Try downloading it top dosk and opening it in the stand-alone Quicktime App, if you have a lot of memory.

I no longer work at MERL, I now work at Google! I took these photos to document my office as I was preparing to clean it out in preparation for my last day. I hadn't really thought of my office as an art project. I just wanted a simulating place to be during my day. However so many people complimented me on my office, that during my last week at MERL I had an impulse to document it. Even just random strangers visiting someone else down the hall would stop as they walked by, compliment me on my office, and then stay in to chat for a while. It was nice.
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