Precinct Map Viewer

The precinct map generator was a project in the mid-2000's that allowed citizens to easily upload town election data and display it on a map. Unfortunately the Google Maps API has changed significantly in the intervening years, and the map maker no longer works.

Fortunately, I decided to use KML as the internal data format for the maps, so it is still possible to view archived maps using a KML viewer. Here's a recreation of on the the maps in Google Earth, showing the relationship between a precinct's support of all alcohol store licences and that precincts' proximity to existing liquor stores in neighboring towns:

Old Map Data

Here's a list of data files that you can load into a viewser such as Google Earth.


2008 Offices

2008 School Committee

2007 Offices

Alcohol Questions

Turnout Statistics

Past Selectmen Races

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