Know ye all:

Finally the gods have graced our household food with a vision! Long have we waited, watching and praying as every man, woman, and child on the face of this rock except us (it seemed) was blessed with deity-branded toast, after deity-branded pancake, after deity-branded tree, after deity-branded window scum.... Finally at long last, our years of suffering are over. Dualus Shockius has descended from the virtual and graced a piece of our fruit with his visage:

we will be selling it on ebay...


(I swear, I did not put E up to that... she did it all herself, and then proudly announced that there was a picture of "the game remote control" on her apple. As I went (ok, ran) to get the camera, she started to take another bite, and I said "no! wait!" And what do you think she said? "No it's OK daddy. there's just another little piece I need to bite away". glee!)

Happy New Year.