Darwin Stencil

I'm a big fan of science in general, and of evolutionary theory in particular. Oh No! He said "Theory!", he must be some sort of jesus freak!

No, actually not.

I'm also a big fan of the artistic exploration of phenomenology that is Obey Giant.

So I was tickled when I found Colin Purrington's cross-pollination between the two hot cultural topics of the day.

Spoiled by Obey Giant, I supposed, I was frustrated by the lack of vector versions of the files. You know, for really huge prints, laser-cutting, or whatnot. The links at left are my small contribution to the cause.

Having some trouble convincing Blender to make me a clean STL out of the SVG for the CNC... oh! so many acronyms! So my first project was just a plain old stencil that I cut out by hand. Notice the test run on the floor.