ParaDigEm is a broadcast-based chat client for meetings that are being held in a Place Of No Infrastructure (PONI). If you are near infrastructure, you should use Jabber instead.

This peer-to-peer chat program enables cynics who have been taken to a PONI for an offsite to communicate using their laptops and 802.11 cards.

ParaDigEm requires Swing and the JCE.

ParaDigEm is GPL'd free software.


ParaDigEm can send and receive Blowfish in ECB mode. We can't use chaining because we're on udp, so we can't expect to get the packets in order, or un-duplicated... or at all.

There are three keys: null, default, and custom. I'm not sure why you'd want cleartext (null). The default key is just there to prevent casual packet snooping. You should use a custom key, but then you need a key exchange mechanism, so there you go.


Launch ParaDigEm with Java Web Start.


  1. Download
  2. javac -classpath . (oh, all right, here: ParaDigEm.class)
  3. java -classpath . ParaDigEm
  4. type. ("/help" if you need it)

Source Code

Here is the current version .

Change Log


Change Log


Bugs & TODOs Wed Apr 24 14:24:58 2002